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Spark Detection and Extinguishing System
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Fire Protection Solutions for Industrial Processes

The FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is the first system of its type to gain factory mutual approval.

Soluciones de Protección contra Incendios para los Procesos Industriales

 El FLAMEX Sistema de Deteccion de Chispas y Extincion es elprimer sistema de este tipo para obtener la aprobación de factory mutual.

Dust Collector Fire & Deflagration

See an actual fire in the dust collector. Don't let this happen to you!

Hot Particle Detection

FLAMEX offers an infrared detector that is capable of detecting hot particles.

Spark Detection & Extinguishing System Concept Simulation

The FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System provides a common sense, cost effective measure for the prevention of dust collector fires and explosions.

Reference Installation Arauco Grayling, MI

MINIFOG Suppression: Cooling and Suffocating Effect

See a demonstration of the effective suppression capability

Minifog PressProtect System

Multi-opening Press Fire Extinguished

Security Video of Actual Fire on Multi-Opening Press

Caught on Camera! See a fire start and develop on a composite board press

CSB Video Concerning Combustible Dust Hazard

Learn more about the dangers of combustible dusts in this informative video by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board

"I have used Flamex products over the past 10 years for leading Facility Engineering projects with both dust collection and boiler feeds for spark, UV detection and spark extinguishment. The company has solid engineering solutions, robust equipment and experienced service/support."- Lead Engineer, Yorktowne Inc.

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The only North American supplier of Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems associated with a major global fire protection equipment manufacturing organization.

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