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Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

Please answer the following questions regarding your FLAMEX installation:

Items marked with (*) are required.

*Job Site Name:

*Job Site Address:

*Job Site City:

*Job Site State:

*Company Issuing PO# to FLAMEX:

*Address 1:

Address 2:



*Zip Code:

*Customer PO #:

*Person Requesting Service:



*Date Service Requested:

1.  Has incoming AC power been pulled to the FLAMEX Console?

2.   Have all FLAMEX Components been mounted?

3.   Has field wiring been pulled to FLAMEX Components from the Flamex Console?

4.  Have the panel wiring terminations been made?

5.  Have the wiring terminations been made at the detectors and solenoids?

6.  Has plumbing been run to the mounted extinguishing assemblies?

7.  Has heat tape and insulation been installed, if necessary, on exposed plumbing?

8.  Will access be provided (if necessary) to installed component locations by
      means of lift, ladder, scaffolding, etc. if not accessible from ground, roof or
      permanent platform?

9.  Will the items denoted in progress (if any) be completed by the requested
      service date?

*I can attest that the above is true and acknowledge that i understand the related
  charges for the service requested.

"Our relationship with Flamex has been one of trust and professionalism. For the last 18 years we have been blessed with expansions to our facility and Flamex has been there to service us. We currently own 15 collectors and feel safe with our fire prevention plant from Flamex."- Maintenance Manager, Masco BCG Duncanville
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The only North American supplier of Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems associated with a major global fire protection equipment manufacturing organization.

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