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Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

When fire begins in a Dust Collector, Bin or Silo, suppression is normally achieved by flooding or deluging the vessel with water. Prior to installing a system for this purpose, design criteria must be followed (as documented in NFPA 15) to ensure that the system responds effectively for the specific application. Such a system must be fast to respond quickly to minimize the fire and resulting damage, and must utilize a sufficient volume of water with adequate disbursement to effectively quench the fire. FLAMEX Inc. can design and supply Deluge Systems to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

We offer the following advantages:

Fast Activation by Reliable Detection

Suppression is typically activated by a response to a build-up of heat being caused by a fire in the vessel. FLAMEX offers sophisticated Heat Sensors that respond to heat that exceeds a preset threshold as well as a rapid rise of heat. The WMX 5000 Heat Detector has the capability to be re-programmed in the field if it desired to refine the settings to meet the specific requirements of an application.
In addition to thermal detection, activation can also be achieved by optical, smoke or fire gas detection. Electrical push button release stations can also be provided so that the user can activate suppression from a work station in the event of an emergency.

Effective Suppression

A variety of nozzles can be selected based on the application including conical, self- closing and sidewall nozzles. The size of the valve assembly as well as the quantity, placement and throughput of nozzles are selected to meet the protection design of the application.

Supervision and Monitoring

Deluge Valve Assemblies are monitored by the FLAMEX Control Panel. The system monitors water flow, standby pressure and all gate valves. Remote alarms can be used with the system to alert personnel of any activation or condition.


FLAMEX can provide FM Approved Deluge Valves, Detectors and Nozzles.
Systems can be designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 15.

      "A fire hazard shall be deemed to exist in the system wherever dry wood particulate is collected or conveyed."
      - NFPA 664 (2017 edition)
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